NuoDB 2.6 Delivers Elastic SQL Database for Scaling On-Demand Cloud Applications 

Lowers costs, improves availability, and supports higher user volumes with active-active AWS deployments and distributed storage 

     Cambridge, MA – January 17, 2017 – NuoDB, the elastic SQL database company for cloud applications, today released NuoDB 2.6 to enable customers to elastically scale out their modern cloud applications as part of their digital transformation efforts. With formal support for active-active database deployments across Amazon Web Services (AWS) Availability Zones, NuoDB 2.6 enables organizations to maximize their AWS investments including better availability, utilization, performance, and resiliency.

 NuoDB 2.6 also introduces table partitions and storage groups to efficiently improve performance, helping organizations improve customer satisfaction, reduce total cost of ownership, and provide a foundation for future growth. In addition, organizations migrating off of traditional relational databases can capitalize on NuoDB 2.6’s extensive SQL compatibility to reduce the complexity, cost, effort, and time typically required from database migration.

Active-Active Database Deployment in AWS Eliminates Downtime
NuoDB 2.6 natively supports active-active deployment across AWS availability zones, making it easy and cost-effective for customers to eliminate downtime from outages while seamlessly serving higher volumes of customers.

Specifically, NuoDB 2.6:

·         Does not require additional software (unlike other active-active databases)

·         Supports both read and write access from multiple hosts

·         Maintains ACID compliance

Customers can therefore maximize availability and performance of their applications while also optimizing AWS infrastructure utilization and guarding against process, server, and data center failures.

“The medical companies and hospitals that use our cloud application need it to be always available and extremely responsive,” said Toan Truong, Lead Systems Engineer, at Movemedical. “Unlike our previous database, adding more capacity in NuoDB – whether it’s within a single instance or across our globally distributed data centers – is extremely fast and simple. Using NuoDB has enabled us to maintain our SQL interface and preserve ACID compliance, while achieving the elastic scale and continuous availability we need.”

Table Partitioning and Distributed Storage Allow Greater Scale and Better Performance
Table partitioning in NuoDB 2.6 enables organizations to optimize query performance through partition pruning and parallelization and supports data management use cases such as data aging and fast data loading.

 NuoDB Storage Groups, also available with this release, enables customers to scale out the storage layer while maintaining a single, unified database view. This yields better performance through both higher throughput and data locality – placing data closer to the user or application.

The combination of the two new features allows applications to achieve better performance while lowering total cost of ownership. Customers can now efficiently perform actions such as data archiving and aging, and support data processing on lower cost hardware for specifically assigned data groups.

Improved SQL Compatibility Lowers Cost of Database Migration
As the demand to migrate SQL applications to the cloud continues to increase, NuoDB 2.6 ensures developers can use existing SQL code, tools, and skills to streamline modernization efforts. Unlike other offerings, NuoDB does not abandon ACID guarantees or require a re-write of SQL applications to take advantage of cloud scale-out benefits.

NuoDB 2.6 adds to features delivered in NuoDB 2.5 to make it easier for organizations to migrate applications built on traditional databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL to NuoDB’s elastic SQL database. By continuing to make it easier for customers to port applications from traditional databases to NuoDB, developers can deliver new and expanded software-as-a-service products faster.

 “As more and more applications move heavily into cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, the market is clearly demanding cloud databases that can scale,” said Jason Stamper, analyst at 451 Research. “However, most of them provide only ‘SQL-like’ capabilities. NuoDB’s support of ANSI-SQL standards and ACID compliance can be valuable, especially for organizations seeking on-demand scale across multiple data centers.”

“The demand for cloud applications has never been higher as organizations rapidly modernize their infrastructure to keep pace with customer requirements. Traditional databases simply can’t handle the real-time data access and highly dynamic operational workloads that modern applications need. By their very nature, cloud applications need more scale, more elasticity, and more guarantees of performance and availability,” said Ariff Kassam, vice president of products at NuoDB. “With this latest release we not only address the immediate need for an elastic SQL database that can support and streamline application efforts, but we also provide a modern foundation for organizations transforming their infrastructure to support their business goals and competitive advantage as they move into the future.”

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 About NuoDB

NuoDB’s elastic SQL database for cloud applications helps customers get applications to market faster and reduce their total cost of ownership. Software vendors and ecommerce companies rely on NuoDB to obtain the combination of scale-out simplicity, elasticity, and continuous availability that cloud applications require, with the transactional consistency and durability that databases of record demand.

As a result, customers can capitalize on modern technologies such as cloud computing and containerization to ensure their applications are ready for today’s evolving expectations, as well as any future requirements.

 NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. For more information, visit

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