Qualia Media Customers Experience Greater ROI with Identity Graph Analysis

By  | February 9, 2017

Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, announced today that it has enhanced Qualia Media’s existing product with the world’s largest consumer identity graph, providing Qualia Media’s customers with the ability to track consumers across multiple devices, greatly increasing ROI.

Qualia Media provides companies with a holistic picture of potential customers in order to glean powerful consumer insights. When the company was founded in 2011, it analyzed public declarations of location on social media. As the company grew, that analysis expanded to other forms of declarative data beyond social media.

As time went on, people were not only using more devices, they were performing different actions on each. Qualia Media’s original product wasn’t optimized for recognizing a consumer across all devices. As a company that defines and sells audiences to large companies across several industries, Qualia Media needed to find a way to provide cross-device insights, fast.

“We needed to understand consumer behavior across devices in order to capture a complete picture,” said Niels Meersschaert, chief technology officer, Qualia Media. “Conceptually we could have done this in a relational database, but the multiple JOINS would have made it much too complicated.”

Qualia Media started its search by evaluating a number of big data and graph technologies, including Hadoop and Titan, but found certain challenges with each. After the Qualia Media team ran performance testing across a variety of scenarios, Neo4j quickly rose to the top. “It performed extraordinarily well,” said Meersschaert.

Qualia Media relies on a huge amount of graph data — 1.2 terabytes of data with nearly three billion nodes and nine billion relationships — to aid in combining customer behaviors across devices. And only Neo4j has the flexibility and bandwidth to effectively query relationships in such a large volume of data.

“Neo4j’s native graph clustering architecture is ideally suited to deliver real-time query performance at scale, across massive customer graphs,” said Philip Rathle, vice president of products at Neo Technology. “We are very excited to help the Qualia Media team to offer their customers an improved consumer experience across multiple devices by serving as the database behind their next-generation customer experience management solution.”

With the addition of Neo4j to its technology stack, Qualia Media was able to enhance its existing product with a consumer identity graph and provide companies with the ability to track consumers across multiple devices, greatly increasing their sales and conversions.

To download the full case study, please visit: https://neo4j.com/case-studies/qualia/

About Qualia
Qualia, a leader in cloud-based intent targeting and cross-screen audience association, empowers marketers with the ability to target and respond to real-time expressions of consumer intent — as well as optimize and attribute performance across all devices. The Intent Quality™Decision Engine creates a composite of multiple intent signals from a consumer and overlays targeting capabilities to reach a marketer’s most qualified audience. The technology identifies and associates consumers across all of their devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) and platforms (web, app). Used by leading brands, agencies and solution providers, Qualia’s cross-screen marketing solution follows a consumer’s path of purchase from intent signal to conversion, giving marketers a definitive solution to find the best prospects, accurately optimize spend across devices and maximize ROI. The company is headquartered in NYC and has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Detroit and Boston. For additional information, visit www.qualia-media.com.

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