Shipping SlashDB version 0.9


The latest and long-awaited version of SlashDB has just shipped. We’re calling it SlashDB 0.9. Was it worth the wait? Try it now and decide for yourself.

Here’s what’s new:

Free for evaluation for as long as you need it

no-dollarSlashDB is now available for FREE for development and evaluation purposes without a time limit. Experiment and experience the benefits of Resource Oriented Architecture at your own pace.

Are you building a new startup and money is tight? We get that. With SlashDB you will be able to develop your product at rapid pace and only pay us when you are ready to launch.

If you work for a large company we understand how new ideas can take time to blossom. Talk to us and we will help you with a proof-of-concept so amazing that your boss will have to say yes.

Open source SDK for Angular

AngularJS logoOur clients’ web and mobile projects gave rise to the brand new SlashDB Angular SDK. It’s an open source project hosted at  It is now easier than ever to tap into SlashDB’s API for web development.

More Data Discovery

Data Discovery is a feature that is truly unique to SlashDB. We listened to our users and added number of powerful new options:

  • Allow sorting array results by hidden column
  • Error-reporting in response body with HTTP code and description in all representations (JSON, XML, CSV, HTML)
  • Full support for CORS including error conditions
  • Force wrapping response in a list using “?wantarray” query string
  • Returns empty lists for valid filters (configurable, previously always returned 404)
  • Improved performance in automated retrieval of related reosurces (?depth=1)

Develop custom backends

Spark logoIn addition to SlashDB’s fully automated API generation for SQL databases our brand new plugin architecture allows you to develop connections to custom data sources. These can be as simple as files in a file system or complex systems like Apache Spark, SOAP web services, or NoSQL databases. Developers can write custom adapters quickly and easily using the base classes provided. Contact us to learn more.

Synchronized parallel processing

High availability websites and APIs require not only load balancing across multiple machines but also ability to fine tune the API engine within individual machines. SlashDB can spawn multiple concurrent processes, each running configurable number of threads and database connections. Previously configuration changes in a multi-process setup required restart of the application but now such changes are automatically synchronized.

New deployment options

Options to deploy SlashDB now include Docker, Vagrant and Debian (Ubuntu) Linux in addition to VMWare, VirtualBox and instant availability from cloud providers Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Better UX

Another unique feature of SlashDB is a true What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface, which means that as you browse through data in HTML the URL in the address bar is also the API endpoint for use in programming. Now the interface is more user friendly with improved placements of action buttons and the addition of search widgets.


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