3 Mar 2017 |

By Hugh Hyndman

A digital revolution has come to manufacturing with sensors capturing real-time data to measure quality and precision during production. The existing software infrastructure on factory floors is simply unable to keep up with the new volumes of data being created each day.

IoT data from operations is raising the bar for traditional manufacturing companies. It is creating Industry 4.0 manufacturing, the “Smart Factory.” With Kx technology, and the business intelligence tools built on top of it, companies are given the means to set up fault detection scenarios and other live triggers to prevent costly errors before they happen.

A Fortune 500 software engineering company recently acquired Kx for precision manufacturing IoT. This firm supplies equipment, services, and software to high-tech manufacturers. They have asked to remain anonymous because they recognize the competitive advantage offered through Kx. With Kx, they saw that their manufacturing software systems can now handle millions of sensor readings per second, an order of magnitude faster than customary industry standards.

When an existing manufacturing execution system is given the power of Kx, the client will experience notable and immediate improvements in their productivity and quality control, whilst lowering overall TCO. The technology surpasses existing legacy database solutions entirely.

To this end, the interoperability of Kx makes the process of transitioning from an existing data historian to the world’s fastest an effortless task. A connector framework provides the solution, simplifying integration and coexistence with an existing manufacturing execution system. Implementing Kx does not require a large, physical IT infrastructure project either. Install Kx on one server, and it will ingest and process 4.5 million sensor measurements per second, per core.

Industry 4.0 envisions manufacturers taking complete control of their operating environment. Kx expedites this process by making it easier to identify faults, predict potential failures, and plan maintenance in order to minimize downtime and maximize throughput. The unparalleled velocity and virtually unlimited scalability of Kx software gives manufacturers the tool they need to achieve the promise of the truly Smart Factory.

For more on the latest Kx deal for Manufacturing IoT click here.

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