Ballr Powers Real-Time Fantasy Gaming with VoltDB

VoltDB Fast Data Platform ingests and analyzes live player data to help deliver complete and accurate in-game experience across the Ballr app

BEDFORD, Mass. – Sep. 7, 2017 – VoltDB, the enterprise-class database that powers business-critical applications, today announced that it has been selected by Ballr, a mobile fan engagement technology company, to connect soccer fans across the globe through its mobile fantasy gaming platform. By capturing and processing individual player data on tens of thousands of micro-moments during a competition, VoltDB empowers Ballr to deliver real-time scoring to users while promoting user engagement through global interactive leaderboards.

Ballr’s Need for Speed at High Volume

Within Ballr’s pre-defined scoring structure, there are 83 unique types of events a soccer player may experience during a game (e.g., a pass, foul, goal, etc.). Ballr relies on VoltDB to capture real-time data related to thousands of these individual player moments, converting each discrete event into a point value. This forms the basis of the mobile fantasy sports game, with millions of fans selecting individual players every five minutes to earn points and compete against each other in real-time.

“Our challenge was selecting a database platform that would reduce our IT footprint and could scale to the volume of data required to simultaneously provide real-time support to millions of users across the globe,” said Sam Jones, Ballr’s CEO. “In a given soccer match, there are thousands of micro moments that we capture in real-time. Our game is based on holding a single player for a few minutes at a time and rotating players throughout the game, so data grows almost exponentially. With every single pass impacting a real-time leaderboard, this game is simple to play but incredibly complex to deliver from a data perspective. We investigated a number of data platforms, but only VoltDB  gave us the power to process extremely high-volume data streams in real-time with complete accuracy.”

VoltDB Powers Real-Time Player Data

VoltDB enables the rapid ingestion of hundreds of thousands of concurrent events, supporting millions of users competing and communicating with one another during each game. With users participating across more than 200 countries, Ballr relies on VoltDB to reconcile global leaderboards from around the world in real-time. An in-memory, transactional data platform, VoltDB harnesses the power of live data to perform real-time analysis and take action the moment it matters.

“The challenge with mobile gaming platforms is providing a real-time, personalized experience that encourages user engagement, unlocking retention and monetization opportunities,” said David Flower, President and CEO of VoltDB. “Ballr has created a unique gaming model that places a premium on user experience and engagement.  The VoltDB Fast Data Platform enables gaming platforms like Ballr to effectively scale to high-data volumes and leverage the power of real-time actions to deliver a consistent and reliable gaming experience.”

About VoltDB

VoltDB provides the only in-memory transactional database for applications that require an unprecedented combination of data scale, volume, and accuracy. Unlike other databases, including OLTP, Big Data, and NoSQL, only VoltDB supports all three modern application data requirements: VoltDB processes data points from millions of users and sources; ingests, analyzes, and acts on data in milliseconds; and data managed by VoltDB is accurate all the time, for all decisions. Telecommunications, financial services, advertising, gaming and other industries rely on VoltDB to modernize their applications. VoltDB was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, winner of the coveted ACM Turing award.

About Ballr

Ballr is a free gaming platform for fans to connect, compete and communicate during real-time sporting events. During a live football match, Ballr captures real-time data related to thousands of micro moments, such as a pass, tackle, shot, foul, assist, goal. Ballr converts each discrete event into a points value. This forms the basis of a video game people can play on their smartphone against millions of other fans in real-time. Game winners receive epic experiences and prizes, such as a football shirt. Ballr allows brands to communicate to fans via native advertising within the game, as well as reward winners with prizes from their stores or restaurants.



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