Building on Multi-Model Databases. How to Manage Multiple Schemas Using a Single Platform

Building on Multi-Model Databases
How to Manage Multiple Schemas Using a Single Platform

Authors: Pete Aven and Diane Burley

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About This Book


CTOs, CIOs, senior architects, developers, analysts, and others at the forefront of the tech industry are becoming aware of an emerging database category that is both evolutionary and suddenly necessary: multi-model databases. A multi-model database is an integrated data management solution that allows you to use data from different sources and formats in a simplified way.
This book describes how the multi-model database provides an ele‐ gant solution to the problem of heterogeneous data.

This new class of database naturally allows heterogeneous data, breaks down tech‐ nical data silos, and avoids the complexity of integrating multiple data stores for multiple data types. Organizations using multi-model databases are discovering and embracing this class of database capa‐ bilities to realize new benefits with their data by reducing complexity, saving money, taking advantage of opportunities, reducing risk, and shortening time to value.

The intention of this book is to define the category of multi-model databases. It does make an assumption that you have at least a cursory knowledge of NoSQL database management systems.


The audience for this book is the following:
• Anyone managing complex and changing data requirements
• Anyone who needs to integrate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data or is interested in doing so
• CTOs, CIOS, senior analysts, and architects who are overseeing and guiding projects within large organizations
• Strategic consultants who support large organizations
• People who follow analysts, such as other analysts, CTOs, CIOs, and journalists

About the Authors

Pete Aven is a principal technologist at MarkLogic Corporation, where he assists organizations in understanding and implementing MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL solutions. Pete has more than 15 years’ experience in software engineering and system architecture with an emphasis on delivering large-scale, data-driven applications. He has helped solve data integration challenges for companies in industries such as publishing, healthcare, insurance, and manufac‐ turing. Pete holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and computer science from UCLA.

Diane Burley is the Chief Content Strategist for MarkLogic Corporation, a Silicon Valley–based multi-model database platform pro‐ vider that enables organizations to quickly integrate data from silos to impact both the top and bottom lines. At MarkLogic, she is responsible for the overall content strategies, developing the frame‐ works, processes, procedures, and technologies that impact multi- channel delivery of content and reports across all departments.


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