CRC Press Publishes a New Approach to Learning Game Programming


October 3, 2017

Boca Raton, FL, October 3, 2017– CRC Press is pleased to announce the release of its newly published book, Game Programming for Artists by Jarryd Huntley and Hanna Brady.

The world of content creation — including video games — has seen rapid and dramatic democratization this century. New software and technologies abound, making it easier than ever to express oneself through new creative avenues. The proliferation of the indie game scene and the professional games industry has included all sorts of voices: artists, philosophers, writers, musicians, designers, and more.

In Game Programming for Artists, Huntley and Brady demystify coding for creatives who have little to no previous experience in computer science or programming. The book makes programming more accessible, in the hope of contributing to the spirit of invention integral to games and encouraging the multidisciplinary nature of medium.

Whether in pursuit of personal projects or to better understand new ways to fit into a team, a solid foundation in programming is invaluable to those who want to create their own video games. The first step to learning anything isn’t always the hardest, but it’s certainly the most important. Without taking that first step, none of the other steps can happen.

This desire to give more artists a place to start, an obvious first step, led to the creation of Game Programming for Artists. With this goal in mind, the book focuses on three pillars: an introduction to the basics of programming, a holistic view of how game engines work, and educational excerpts of code written in Unity. By utilizing a conversational approach to understanding programming, Game Programming for Artists provides a solid foundation from which a creator can explore their own projects.

Game Programming for Artists is intended for any creative looking for their first window into game programming and is for students of every age.

Jarryd Huntley is a leader in the greater Cleveland game development community. He teaches game programming at a community college and directs events to support local developers. When not in the classroom or at an event, he can be found visiting aquariums with his family or traveling to conferences with his guitar. Hanna Brady is a freelance game writer. She works on mobile and indie games. She is also published in the academic anthology Queer Game Studies. In her spare time, she writes fiction, travels, and plays board games with her awesome family.
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