Movemedical Takes on $5 Billion in Medical Waste with New SaaS Platform Powered by NuoDB

Cloud application relies on elastic SQL database to maintain data consistency and continuous availability for healthcare providers

Cambridge, MA – October 3, 2017 – NuoDB, the elastic SQL database company for hybrid cloud applications, today announced that Movemedical, a provider of sales tools, analytics, and last-mile supply chain management software for the medical device industry, has successfully deployed NuoDB to support its efforts to drive down healthcare costs and minimize waste in the medical device supply chain. Selected for its ability to scale out to multiple data centers while still retaining SQL and strict transactional consistency, NuoDB has been in production since June 2017. Read the full case study at

 Movemedical’s new platform builds upon the success of a custom-built, on-premises solution used by more than 7,000 users to coordinate over four million orthopedic implant surgeries worldwide. With this experience, Movemedical has developed a simple-to-use, comprehensive software as a service offering that combines surgery case management with the medical device supply chain to help customers manage everything from surgery scheduling and preferences to inventory control and expirations to reporting, billing, and contract management. Formally announced in August 2017, the new platform, built on top of NuoDB, is already on track to help eliminate more than $100 million in waste over the next two years, as customers have been able to reduce inventory that was brought into the operating room by 25 percent, simply with better inventory management.

 Prior to selecting NuoDB, Movemedical conducted a comprehensive analysis of databases, including traditional (Oracle, and MySQL + Percona XtraDB Cluster), NewSQL (MemSQL), and managed cloud databases (Amazon Aurora), to determine the best fit for their exacting requirements. Since the Moveplatform was an evolution of an existing software offering built on Oracle 12c, the team needed simplicity of migration – particularly in the form of a SQL interface. ACID compliance and strict transactional consistency was critical to ensure 100 percent accuracy as the platform manages implantable medical devices and surgical data. Finally, the team wanted a product that would be able to operate in an active-active capacity across multiple data centers as usage expands.

 “We seriously considered Amazon Aurora, but we wanted a database that would be able to handle read-write workloads across multiple Availability Zones,” said Toan Truong, lead systems engineer at Movemedical. “NuoDB provides that perfect combination of a trustworthy, relational database with scale-out capabilities and a cloud-centric architecture. Its architecture even enables us to generate real-time reports without impacting transactional performance.”

 Movemedical expects to grow rapidly as they bring on more customers and expose more people throughout the medical device supply chain to their offering. NuoDB’s ability to run on AWS and rapidly adjust to changes in volume will help them keep up with demand. In addition, NuoDB’s multi-tenant capabilities will make it easy for Movemedical to support multiple customers using the same database resources – improving efficiency and utilization for Movemedical, just as Movemedical does for its customers.

 “We are honored to be such an integral part of Movemedical’s mission to drive efficiency, reduce waste, and lower costs in healthcare,” said Jeff Boehm, chief marketing officer at NuoDB. “We’ve worked hard to provide a database that can meet the needs of innovators like Movemedical – those whose applications require the trustworthiness of a traditional relational database but that also need the benefits of the cloud.”

 To learn more about Movemedical and how they’re using NuoDB, read our case study at

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About NuoDB

NuoDB’s elastic SQL database for hybrid cloud applications helps customers get applications to market faster and reduce their total cost of ownership. Software vendors and ecommerce companies rely on NuoDB to obtain the combination of scale-out simplicity, elasticity, and continuous availability that cloud applications require, with the transactional consistency and durability that databases of record demand.

As a result, customers can capitalize on modern technologies such as cloud computing and containerization to ensure their applications are ready for today’s evolving expectations, as well as any future requirements.

 NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. For more information, visit

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