Redis Enterprise Flash

Slash costs by over 80%

Perform real-time analytics with large datasets

Redis Enterprise Flash



“Inovonics collects large quantities of data from millions of sensors every day. Redis Enterprise Flash allows Inovonics to store and process large data sets reliably, cost-effectively, and in real-time.”– Daniel Williams SR. SYSTEMS ARCHITECT, INOVONICS

Why Redis Enterprise Flash?

For Redis use cases such as real-time analytics, time-series data analysis, search, machine learning and more, dataset sizes can become voluminous and the cost of memory can become prohibitive. The unique Redis Enterprise Flash technology slashes infrastructure costs by using SSDs as an extension of memory. With its breakthrough  approach of tiering access to data, with keys and hot values in RAM, while cold values are stored on Flash, this technology delivers the blazing fast sub-millisecond latencies and high throughput of Redis, with a lower cost infrastructure.

  • Compute real-time analytics with minimal resources
  • Handle large datasets at over 80% infrastructure cost savings
  • Gain all the benefits of Redis Enterprise: effortless scaling, always-on availability, stable and predictable high performance
  • Run Redis Enterprise Flash databases close to where your application is deployed, either on premises or in the cloud with Redis Enterprise Pack

Redis Cloud Private

Redise Cloud Private

Fully managed, highly available and scalable Redis Enterprise service in private environments of major public clouds with self-serviced provisioning and deployment.


Redis Pack

Redise Pack

Downloadable Redis Enterprise software for private data center or any cloud deployment with full control over provisioning, deployment, and managing of Redis databases.


Architecture Whitepaper

To provide the best data access performance, Redis Enterprise Flash uses smart data placement, storing frequently accessed data in RAM and less frequently accessed data in flash. Download this whitepaper and explore the technology behind Redis Enterprise Flash and the architecture for building large databases using the technology.


Customer Case Study

Spot.IM’s next generation community engagement platform is architected for blazing fast responsiveness and incredible scale. The platform handles thousands of requests per second, and processes over one billion page views a month. To achieve this with simplicity and high performance, Spot.IM relies on Redis Enterprise, highly available, seamlessly scalable Redis from Redis Labs. With Redis Enterprise Flash, Spot.IM is now able to gain the same real-time high throughput and extremely low latency at substantially lower costs compared to a pure RAM solution.


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