Etermax uses Redis Enterprise as a Primary Database for its Gaming Platform

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Responsible for the wildly popular Trivia Crack and Pictionary online games, Etermax had exhausted the capabilities of its open source Redis installation. In an effort to push past the CPU bottlenecks, lack of scalability, and prohibitive costs of its existing database configuration, Etermax turned to enterprise-grade Redis from Redis Labs.

Redis Enterprise was not only able to meet the high availability and performance demands of 25 million daily users, it was also able to reduce Etermax’s AWS infrastructure costs by 30%. Etermax expects to further reduce infrastructure costs by up to 70% with Redis on Flash.

Etermax’s Requirements

To maximize the efficiency and scale of its open source Redis installation in order to accommodate the rapid growth of its online games.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• 70% savings in AWS infrastructure costs with Redis on Flash
• High availability
• Cost-effective data storage through the use of flash memory for “cold” data
• Maximized server throughput with up to 95% CPU utilization

Redis Enterprise brought huge improvements in efficiency, doing a better job with less server infrastructure and allowing us to grow beyond what we could have predicted.
Sponsored by Redis Labs

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