Mortality Explorer

Tool for querying US mortality data, modeled in Neo4J with React/GraphQL interface (GRAND stack)

Explore US Mortality data using the GRAND stack. Work on this is ongoing and contributions are welcome!

Current status:

  • Data from 2015 is now modeled in Neo4j
  • Data is validated and errors logged
  • Need mortality data from other years
  • Need to link ICD values in mortality CSV to ICD nodes
  • Currently building GraphQL Schema and node server
  • No work done on React front end yet

Data Sources

Original data set is from this Kaggle project, which in turn is based on public CDC data from 2015.

ICD codes are taken from this Github repo and are from 2018. 2015 codes are available here but only in XML form. I will convert to CSV only if the 2018 codes have changed significantly enough to make the 2015 mortality data problematic.

LINK to GitHub

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