NuoDB Re-Defines the SQL Database, Launches Container-Native Features & Availability for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

As digital transformation initiatives drive massive technological shifts, next-generation databases become a linchpin to success

     Cambridge, MA – Oct 10, 2018 – NuoDB, the distributed SQL database company, today announced that the latest version of its database is now available. The release of NuoDB v3.3 further enables the monumental shift that is underway inside enterprise organizations towards container-based environments.  By adding key container-native features and availability for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a Kubernetes and containers application platform, customers can gain flexibility to deploy a leading distributed SQL database into their preferred architecture.  NuoDB is now available for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform where it can be actively provisioned, managed and controlled.

In the face of an increasingly dynamic set of customer needs and competitive threats, modern application infrastructures – including containers and microservices – are unable to maximize their value when tethered to traditional databases that require heavyweight processes to operate. Built from inception as a distributed database, NuoDB can now deliver container-native benefits to enable application agility, while maintaining the capabilities of a standard, enterprise-class SQL database.

“Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform enables Kubernetes, the de facto container orchestration solution, for enterprises looking to embrace the efficiencies of cloud native infrastructures,” said Jason Dobies, Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Cloud Platforms Partners Ecosystem, Red Hat. “With the availability of NuoDB for Red Hat OpenShift, customers have the option to select a database that is designed for elastic scalability that works with a comprehensive and flexible platform for teams to build, deploy, and scale applications with containers and Kubernetes, on any cloud.”

For Red Hat customers, with NuoDB now available for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, organizations embracing a DevOps rapid deployment strategy now have access to a distributed SQL database that enables the scale of critical applications with its cloud-native design.  Additionally, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform users can view database performance metrics in real-time to understand current usage levels and impact of changes as they occur.

NuoDB was recently named an IDC Innovator in the, “IDC Innovators: Dynamically Scalable and Alterable Relational Database Software, 2018”[1] report.  An IDC press release on the report stated, “A new class of relational database management system (RDBMS) has emerged that overcomes the flexibility and scalability obstacles inherent in the (database) technology.”

“Scalability, flexibility, and cloud-native are terms that historically were not associated with database technology. Today, that notion is changing rapidly due in part to the traction of distributed SQL database platforms such as ours,” said Bob Walmsley, president and CEO of NuoDB. “Our growing global team has never been more committed to helping our enterprise customers achieve the modern data management architecture they so desperately need to succeed, and we are thrilled to be recognized for our ongoing efforts.”

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About NuoDB

NuoDB is a distributed SQL database platform company that helps enterprise organizations solve the highly complex and expensive database challenges they face when trying to move enterprise-grade, transactional applications to the cloud away from an antiquated, monolithic database solution.

For technical organizations who are determined to adopt a distributed, cloud-first strategy through hybrid-cloud, container-native, microservice and other modern architectures, NuoDB is the only solution that offers them the flexibility to choose while not sacrificing performance, SQL dependency and availability.

With a platform that runs on-premise, agonistically in any public cloud or on top of partner solutions like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, NuoDB is already helping the most digitally advanced enterprise organizations achieve a data management architecture that extends the competitive advantages gained by cloud adoption.

NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in London, Dublin, and Belfast. For more information, visit



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