Kx to power analytics for US real estate giant Zillow

Kx enables seamless scaling of Zillow’s analytics platform at lower cost

(4 April 2019) – Kx, a division of First Derivatives (FDP.L) and provider of the world’s fastest time-series database kdb+, announces that Zillow, the leading web-based real estate marketplace, will implement Kx technology to improve the performance of Zillow’s platform through advanced real-time analytics, ultimately enhancing their digital customer experience.

Implementing Kx technology will enable Zillow to collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of data in real time so they can improve the experience of their website visitors and customers. Zillow will use Kx across several areas, introducing new real-time analytics initiatives while enabling a reduction in Splunk costs.

The Zillow website operations team oversees a system that processes over 20 billion events daily, more than 50% of which are streaming data points. To handle the exponentially growing data volumes, Kx will provide the intelligence required for monitoring, reporting, investigating and troubleshooting customer-reported incidents. Their centralized system is also used for optimizing customer experience by analyzing and tracking preferences and behaviors.

The integration of Kx into the operations platform will enable Zillow to reduce the overall cost of site operations by lowering the platform’s data processing costs, improving the efficiency of its analytics and providing seamless scaling of data volumes.

Jerome Ibanes, Monitoring & Analytics at Zillow said: “The data volumes our platform generates are growing exponentially and the various sources of this data have resulted in the need for a high-performance database to make sense of it. Kx has proven to be a great partner and has allowed us to harness the power of our data and obtain actionable intelligence.”

Brian Conlon, Chief Executive Officer of Kx, said: “The scale of streaming and historical data at Zillow is a perfect fit for Kx, which was designed from the start for today’s volume of big data. The high-performance capabilities of Kx technology will help Zillow become even more analytics-driven and improve their customer experience while reducing TCO.”

About Kx

Kx is a division of First Derivatives (FDP.L), a global technology provider with 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest finance, technology, retail, pharma, manufacturing and energy institutions. Kx technology, incorporating the kdb+ time-series database, is a leader in high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence. Kx delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries. The Group operates from 14 offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, including its headquarters in Newry, and employs more than 2,600 people worldwide.

Visit www.kx.com for more information.

About Zillow

Zillow® is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with great real estate professionals. Zillow serves the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home: buying, selling, renting, financing, remodeling and more. Zillow Offers provides homeowners in some metropolitan areas with the opportunity to receive offers to purchase their home from Zillow. When Zillow buys a home, it will make necessary updates and list the home for resale on the open market.

In addition to Zillow.com, Zillow operates the most popular suite of mobile real estate apps, with more than two dozen apps across all major platforms. Launched in 2006, Zillow is owned and operated by Zillow Group (NASDAQ:Z and ZG) and headquartered in Seattle.

Zillow is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc. Zillow Offers is a trademark of Zillow, Inc.

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