The 5G Revolution


The 5G Revolution

In the coming months, Communication Services Providers (CSPs) across the globe will be busy rolling out the 5G network.
5G is fundamentally different from 4G, LTE, or any other network the telecommunications (telecom) industry has ever seen before. It promises data rates 100x that of 4G, network latency of under 1 millisecond, supports 1 million devices/sq. km., and 99.999% availability of the network. 5G will generate data at an unprecedented velocity and immense volume. This “fast data” will fuel a wide range of data-driven services and digital business models.

However, to capitalize on this opportunity, your organization needs to operationalize fast data and make informed business decisions in-event and in real-time.

In this paper, we will examine the 5G revolution from a data perspective – what fast data is, what are the opportunities it creates, and what challenges exist in operationalizing fast data in real-time. It will cover all of the essential attributes required for operational, transactional & analytical fast data processing — and how VoltDB can help you do just that. It is a challenge that CSPs must meet if they hope to succeed in the race to monetize 5G.

Download the report (.PDF):VoltDB-5G-REQUIREMENTS-5G-Requirements-and-Checklist-0919-1

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