LeanXcale, the Spanish software company that is disrupting the world of databases, has started to offer free licenses to startups in the seed phase, as long as they have received less than one million euros from investors or have not yet reached €250,000 in revenue. 

LeanXcale is a Madrid-based company led by Dr. Ricardo Jiménez-Peris, former professor and renowned researcher at Politechnical University of Madrid (UPM) in the field of relational database scalability.

LeanXcale is a relational database manager that combines NoSQL features, allowing users to scale horizontally in a linear way while remaining fully ACID-compliant. It is especially intended for scenarios where a high insertion rate and SQL or GIS searches are required in clusters ranging from one to hundreds of nodes.

To prove that with LeanXcale “you’ll never have to change your data architecture, no matter how big you grow,” LeanXcale offers free licensing to seed startups. “When a startup is born, it does so with the determined goal of growing quickly. By choosing LeanXcale, a startup is anticipating the main problem that arises in these fast-growing environments: data architectures that are rigid and incapable of adapting to the pace and needs of such a company,” stated Juan Mahíllo, Chief Marketing Officer at LeanXcale. “Our objective is to bet on innovation and entrepreneurship by allowing startups to use the most advanced technology in databases, allowing them to grow faster and more easily, while at the same time becoming their travelling companions when they achieve success.” 

Accessing the LeanXcale startup program is easy. Simply go to  https://www.leanxcale.com/startups, where all the necessary information is facilitated, and complete a form (https://www.leanxcale.com/startup-form) or simply write to info@leanxcale.comrequesting to participate. If your company meets the requirements, you will have a free license to use it. Those companies that prefer to try LeanXcale before joining the program can do so with the 15-day free trial at https://www.leanxcale.com/trial

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