Mentor’s Digital Design & Implementation Solutions Division Accelerates Software Defect Resolution with Undo

Mentor, a Siemens Business

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Jason Gouger,​ Architect with the ​Digital Design & Implementation Solutions Division (DDISD) of Mentor, a Siemens Business​, faced a classic programmer’s challenge: he needed to capture and diagnose a production defect in controlled settings that mirror the customer’s environment.

Gouger integrated Undo’s software flight recording technology into the Catapult HLS Platform. By bringing in Live Recorder, Gouger gave his team the capability to record Catapult HLS’ program execution as it failed and to replay the recording under Live Recorder’s reversible-debugger (UndoDB functionality).

With this technology, engineers were able to capture all non-deterministic data and reliably recreate their application’s entire memory and register state on demand at any point in the program’s execution with minimal overhead.

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