Retaining Women in Tech – A Community Publishing Project

The COVID-19 pandemic distancing measures have created an
opportunity to pull back from the day-to-day grind and discover/reflect
upon issues that have long suffered from inaction.
The retention of women in technology careers has been one of these
issues for decades. For over 40 years, we’ve been encouraging women to choose technology careers. But even with extensive recruiting, women
continue to be underrepresented in technology jobs compared to other
professions. Worse, once hired, women leave the field mid-career twice
as often as men.
High tech knows it needs women to fulfill necessary jobs and to increase
innovation. It’s time for a new approach focused on retention.
With that in mind, we’re asking you to get involved.
Karen Holtzblatt (WITops and InContext Design) and Nicola Marsden
(Heilbronn University) have been researching the retention of women in technology for years and have begun work on a new book that will be the foundation of a new plan of action.
Retaining Women in Tech: Shifting the Paradigm
Karen Holtzblatt ( WITops and InContext Design)
Nicola Marsden (Heilbron University)

You can access the first chapter of the book via the link above 
(use the download link on the page, not the shopping cart) to see an
introduction to the myriad issues women are facing in technology
careers, as well as practical interventions for successfully shifting the paradigm. Here’s where the unique community publishing project comes in.  

We need you to help by taking our “Valuing and Jerk” survey .

This author-generated survey will help us find out which valuing
behaviors are experienced as the best and which “jerk” behaviors are
experienced as the worst. If we get enough participation we will be able
to see if job type, company type, gender or other characteristics have
different responses. And we will start to explore if the behaviors have changed due to more people working in a remote context.

These latter open ended questions will help shape our new research on the impact of remote work on stereotyping and interpersonal behavior in a real world setting which will also be in the book.

All results will be in the book along with self-awareness techniques
and intervention suggestions.

Community involvement in generating and publishing this content
ensures we provide the tech community with a book containing the very best in data, individual and organizational experiences, and successful
programs that can be implemented to solve this critical issue.

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