Micro Focus Introduces Vertica by the Hour on Google Cloud Platform

Press Release 3 Sep 2020

The Leading Unified Analytics Warehouse Delivers Speed, Performance and Scale to Customers with Analytic Workloads via Google Cloud Marketplace

Santa Clara, CA – September 3, 2020 – Micro Focus (NYSE: MFGP) today announced the launch of Vertica by the Hour on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Data-driven organizations can now access hourly pricing on Google Cloud Marketplace to apply Vertica’s powerful analytics performance to a wide variety of use cases – from predictive maintenance to customer behavior analytics. 

Vertica by the Hour enables data scientists and business analysts to experience end-to-end machine learning at scale with the advanced analytical capabilities within Vertica’s MPP cloud-optimized architecture, known as Vertica in Eon Mode. Built on an innovative separation of compute from storage architecture, Vertica in Eon Mode enables data engineers to efficiently manage variable workloads, optimize cloud economics, and intelligently allocate resources to individual use cases in meeting stringent SLAs.  

“We’re excited that Vertica is bringing their cloud-optimized database and analytics capabilities to customers via the Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Manvinder Singh, Director of Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Customers can deploy Vertica on Google Cloud quickly, scale easily, and leverage flexible, hourly pricing to ensure they pay only for what they use.”

Vertica by the Hour on Google Cloud Marketplace addresses a growing demand for Vertica on more public cloud platforms. Vertica customers can also bring their own Vertica license (BYOL) to Google Cloud, further expanding Vertica’s commitment to deliver a unified analytics warehouse for companies who understand that multi-cloud and hybrid deployments are critical to their long-term analytics strategy.

“Vertica is very excited to offer Vertica by the Hour on Google Cloud Marketplace, adding to the recent announcement in March of Vertica 10 in Eon Mode availability for Google Cloud,” said Colin Mahony, SVP & GM, Vertica at Micro Focus. “Both of these options are in direct response to our customers’ interest in Google Cloud and demonstrate our commitment to our partnership with Google Cloud.” 

Toronto-based tech startup ThinkData Works runs Vertica on Google Cloud. “We are able to deploy Vertica in minutes with a one-click install, and we are returning queries in less than a second, regardless of the size of the data set,” said Brendan Stennett, Co-Founder and CTO of ThinkData. “We are experiencing rapid growth in our customer and partner base, and they all require more external data to feed their model. Vertica and Google Cloud provide us with everything we need – speed, flexibility, and value.”

Vertica by the Hour can be launched in minutes on the Google Cloud Marketplace and Vertica customers can also bring their own license (BYOL) and use the Vertica Management Console for a rapid and customized deployment on Google Cloud.  

Additional Information

For more information on Vertica, please visit www.vertica.com.

To learn more about Vertica on Twitter, please follow @VerticaBigData and join Vertica on LinkedIn.

About Vertica

Vertica is the unified analytics data warehouse, based on a massively scalable architecture with the broadest set of analytical functions spanning event and time series, pattern matching, geospatial and end-to-end in-database machine learning. Vertica enables customers to easily apply these powerful functions to the largest and most demanding analytical workloads, arming businesses and its customers with predictive business insights faster than any analytics data warehouse in the market. Vertica provides a unified analytics platform across major public clouds and on-premises data centers and integrates data in cloud object storage.

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