Online Meetup – Connected Data London – Enterprise Knowledge Graphs September 23, 2020

Join Franz Inc., UBS, and EngineB to learn how Knowledge Graphs can catalyze digital transformation and AI in the enterprise and beyond. 
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Dear Knowledge Graph Enthusiast,Digital twins for IoT, Personalized
medicine, Predictive call centers,  Predictive supply chain management,
and domain-specific Q&A applications.

These are just a few AI-driven applications organizations across a broad range of industries are deploying.Graph databases and Knowledge Graphs are now viewed as a must-have by Enterprises serious about leveraging
AI and predictive analytics within their organization.

Attend this meetup to learn how Franz Inc. is helping organizations
deploy novel Entity-Event Knowledge Graph Solutions to gain a
holistic view of customers, patients, students or other important entities, and the ability to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns
and attain explainable results

Presentation by – Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO – Franz Inc.
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