RediSearch 2.0

Some exciting new features are coming in RediSearch 2.0, including
an improved developer experience as a result of a new architecture.

Explore the public preview to discover what’s new, including: 

The ability to instantly search any Redis database.

Existing data is automatically indexed, with minimal performance degradation or changes to application code.

Real-time search for globally distributed data. Active-Active technology
and support for advanced replica-of functionality ensure reliability
and business continuity.2.4x faster search over version 1.6 

RediSearch is the fastest search engine available, benchmarked at 5x
performance against competing search engines.

The addition of these new features enhance the enterprise-grade
capabilities of RediSearch to meet the high performance and scalability
requirements of the world’s leading organizations.

Read more about what’s new in RediSearch 2.0.
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