Z-inspection®: A holistic and analytic process to assess trustworthy AI

A team of international experts defined Z-inspection®: a novel holistic and analytic processes to assess Ethical AI

Framework for Trustworthy AI

Z-inspection® takes into account the Framework for Trustworthy AI and the seven key requirements that AI systems should meet in order to be deemed trustworthy, defined by the independent High-Level Expert Group of Artificial Intelligence, set by the European Commission, and also confirmed by a recent report of The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Z-Inspection® is based on 4 ethical principles based on fundamental rights:

Respect for human autonomy,

Prevention of harm,



Z-Inspection® uses the seven key requirements (values) for trustworthy AI:

Human agency and oversight

Technical robustness and safety

Privacy and data governance


Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness

Societal and environmental wellbeing


Trustworthy AI in practice

Z-inspection® is a general inspection process for Ethical AI which can be applied to a variety of domains such as business, healthcare, public sector, among many others.

It uses applied ethics. To the best of our knowledge, Z-inspection® is the first process that combines a holistic and analytic approach to assess Ethical AI in practice.

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