Improving patient care quality by helping physicians work more efficiently

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Cerner is a leading supplier of health information technology solutions and services. Its solutions optimize processes for healthcare organizations ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries, and for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.




Cerner Corporation


Missouri, USA


Help physicians spend more time with their patients and less time on processes and administration

Our Response:

Vertica Analytics Platform


· Better patient care by streamlining physician’s workflow to save time

· Faster patient diagnosis through easy access to fast treatment success

· Patient-centric healthcare improves care quality

Focus Area:

Predictive Analytics


Impact of physician burnout

Cerner believes being a physician is far more than just a title or
a role—it’s a calling. However, practicing medicine in today’s world is increasingly difficult. Physicians in the USA experiencesymptoms of burnout at almost twice the rate of other workers, often citing contributors such as the long hours, a fear of beingsued, and having to deal with growing bureaucracy, like filling out clunky and time-consuming electronic medical records.

Burned-out physicians tend to make more medical errors, and their patients have worse outcomes and are less satisfied. The economic impact of burnout is also significant, costing the USA some $4.6 billion every year, according to a new study publishedin the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

“With partners such as Micro Focus we hope to reduce physician burnout by saving them valuable time, enabling them to focus
solely on their patients, leaving it
to us to worry about streamlining administration and reducing costs.”

Dan Woicke, Director of Enterprise System Management, Cerner

See how @VerticaUnified is helping @cerner drive a health care transformation; using data to help resolve clinician burnout, improve health equity and enhance clinical, financial and operational outcomes.


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