Undo and ODBMS.org Announce New eBook Disclosing 10 Top Tips to Accelerate Time to Resolution of Software Defects


Jan, 5th 2021

10 Tips to Accelerate MTTR of Software Defects Book

Leading Software Failure Replay platform provider teams up with ODBMS.org and releases new ebook uncovering valuable insights from senior engineering leaders 

CAMBRIDGE (UK), January 5, 2021 – Undo, a leader in Software Failure Replay (SFR), today announced the immediate availability of their latest ebook, entitled 10 Tips to Accelerate Time to Resolution of Software Defects. Co-authored by Undo’s Founder Dr. Greg Law and ODBMS.org editor, Prof. Roberto V. Zicari, the ebook explores what engineering leaders building complex enterprise software systems do to resolve software defects faster when defects creep up.

“Naturally, when it comes to software quality and reliability, prevention is always better than cure.” Prof. Zicari explains. “Yet commercial pressure has meant that software development teams and executives have to make trade-offs between code quality and the pressure to ship new features. No matter what we do, bugs always end up slipping in and being deployed into the field. So what do you do when bugs do happen? Just as with our own health, investing in prevention is the right thing to do; but we will always need the hospitals. We need cure, just as much as prevention.”

Dr. Law interviewed over 20 senior engineering leaders to find out what they do when things don’t go according to plan. The best or most unusual tips made it into this book 10 Tips to Accelerate Time to Resolution of Software Defects. 

A sampling of key findings includes:

  • “We always have at least one, maybe two, branches that are ready to release. If something does come up, we want to be ready for it. We’re essentially always ready to release.” Bryan Bowyer, Director of Engineering, Mentor (a Siemens business)
  • “We have a zero-tolerance policy against defects. So we never end up with a backlog of issues building up. That, in itself, saves us a lot of time and effort. When a defect creeps in, we’re pretty sure it’s a new bug we haven’t seen before and not an intermittent failure […] we haven’t previously dealt with.” Roisin McMahon, Engineering Director, Renesas Electronics Europe
  • “Our robust Continuous Delivery pipeline allows us to develop a fix […] and minimize our Mean Time to Resolution, which is a key metric we use to track the progress of our DevOps journey.” Ken Dickinson, VP of Enterprise Quality, SAS

The ebook is available to purchase on Amazon. It can also be accessed for free from Undo’s website

About Undo
Undo is the leading Software Failure Replay platform provider for engineering teams building complex systems. Undo’s core platform, LiveRecorder, is used by leading technology companies including SAP, Juniper, Cadence Design Systems, Micro Focus, and Mentor (a Siemens business) to reproduce and fix software bugs faster, accelerate software delivery, and reduce engineering costs.

About ODBMS.org
ODBMS.org is the leading educational resource for data management, AI, and Big Data. Its editor, Prof. Roberto V. Zicari is also Professor of Database and Information Systems at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, and the founder of the Frankfurt Big Data Lab.

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