eBook. Rubrik + NetApp. Data Storage and Data Protection – Your New Competitive Advantage.


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Introduction: We can’t write your dating app profile – but we can write your data protection match

We can’t make you the perfect vodka martini – we can perfect protected data

It’s All About Data Back Up to Basics

We can’t give you a sidecar kick – we can kick your data mobility into high gear

Competitive Currency is Data Mobility

We can’t secure your socks in the dryer – we can give you complete data security

Your RTO and RPO Tolerance Governance
Making the Magic Happen

Conclusion: We can’t stop data threats – we can protect your data

About the Author

Ramesh Chitor

Senior Director,
Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at Rubrik, Inc.

Ramesh Chitor, born at age 0, has survived 5+ leap
years in the tech industry, coming down the stack from Application, Databases, Compute, Networking, Storage to Data Protection. While being data-driven, Ramesh firmly believes in driving outcomes and in healthy competition. COVID-19 has expanded Ramesh’s skills, to make him his daughters hairstylist. It’s a promising side-hustle as they have become his favorite repeat customers.

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