The 2021 AI Index report (HAI Stanford University)

“The fourth edition of the AI Index was just released. The AI Index was created as a project of the One Hundred Year Study on AI at Stanford several years ago. Over the four editions, the report has evolved into an informative and important resource on status and trends in AI technologies” — Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer at Microsoft

The 2021 AI Index report is one of the most comprehensive reports about artificial intelligence to date. This latest edition significantly expands the amount of data available in the report, which was drawn from a broader set of academic, private, and non-profit organizations for calibration. The report also shows the effect of COVID-19 on AI development from multiple perspectives, including how AI helps with COVID-related drug discovery and the effect of the pandemic on hiring and private investment.  

The AI Index Report tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data relating to artificial intelligence. Its mission is to provide unbiased, rigorous, and comprehensive data for policymakers, researchers, journalists, executives, and the general public to develop a deeper understanding of the complex field of AI.

LINK to the report:

HAI Stanford University


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