Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization

Vertica streamlines move to a new energy pricing model with advanced analytics benefiting all market participants.

Who is CCEE?

CCEE acts as operator of the Brazilian electric energy market. It aims to facilitate a competitive, sustainable, and safe trading environment, in- volving thousands of associates. One of its main activities is to account for the purchase and sale of electricity, verifying the differences between the amounts contracted and the amounts gen- erated or consumed by market agents. It records the contracts signed between buyers and sell- ers, in order to measure the physical amounts of energy handled by agents.

Regulatory changes pose significant technical challenges

The free energy market in Brazil is growing rapidly and as entry barriers for new players are reduced, more and more trading agents are joining CCEE. In recent years, the indus- try’s regulator, the National Agency of Electric Energy (ANEEL), announced plans to change the energy pricing model which would have far-reaching consequences for all players. Dario Almeida, Executive Systems Architecture Manager at CCEE, explains further: “Previously, prices were calculated weekly. This meant that energy prices did not always adequately reflect the relationship between generation and demand, leading to the need to charge agents high system charges due to the price- cost imbalances. With the new model, prices are closer to the operating reality, as they are calculated daily, on an hourly basis, and pub- lished the day before the operation. Thus, the price curve tends to follow the real demand curve more realistically, reducing the need for additional charges and significantly minimizing the overall costs of the system. This would also allow market agents to have contracts with near real-time prices to avoid losses. Looking to the future, we were very much in favor of this approach, but realized that the resulting massive data volume increase would give us some technical challenges.”

“We love the Vertica platform stability and ease of management. We only require half a full-time employee (FTE) to maintain our Vertica solution which means our cost of ownership has reduced. Our platform availability has increased from 99.3 percent to 99.9 percent.” –Dario Almeida
Executive Systems Architecture Manager CCEE

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