Playing to Win: How Vertica and Pure Storage deliver Playtika’s unrivalled performance in gaming

MICRO FOCUS VERTICA Customer Study Analytics and Big Data

“Vertica is the best analytic platform currently available in the market. It is fast and scalable, and independent from underlying infrastructure.” – Shemer Mashiach, DataInfra Solution Lead, Playtika


This is an interview based on a real-life best practice story from Playtika, a leading digital entertainment company that specializes in the development and publication of free-to-play mobile games.

To capture this story, Sivan Tziring Rosenberg, Vertica regional sales manager, interviewed Shemer Mashiach, a DataInfra Solution Lead at Playtika. Her goal was to get a sense of how Playtika’s analytic database system works, how it changed over time, and the challenges Playtika faced given the company’s exponential data growth. Sivan’s questions are followed by answers from Shemer.

Please tell us a little bit about Playtika and your background
I have worked with databases for many years, and today I’m Playtika DataInfra Solution Lead. Since 2010, Playtika has been a pioneer in the games industry. We were among the first to offer free-to-play social games on social networks and, shortly after, on mobile platforms. We were also one of the originators of livegame operations, offering users personalized, daily game experiences with new events and exciting new features 365 days a year.

Playtika has over 3.5K Employees in 19 Office locations. We process hundreds of TBs of data daily, for over 35 million monthly active users. Through our diverse and constantly growing portfolio of games, we seek to create the most engaging and beloved entertainment experiences in the world. A lot of analytics is required to support this activity.

You can download the full interview here.

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