Blaha Promotes Referential Integrity for Object Databases

ODBMS.ORG, the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology, has published a new paper by expert panel member Michael Blaha on the importance of referential integrity for object databases. This latest publication comes amidst an extension of ODBMS.ORG’s large collection of freely downloadable resources and the appointment of six new expert panel members, demonstrating the portal’s growing importance as an educational and research reference resource for the IT industry.

Blaha explains in his paper, which is available for free download fromODBMS.ORG’s expert section, that referential integrity is a fundamental principle of database theory and arises from the notion that a database should not only store data, but should actively seek to ensure its quality. The notion of referential integrity also applies to OODBMSs. There are relationships between objects that cause them to depend on each other and maintenance of these dependencies should not be left to application code.

In additon, ODBMS.ORG has seen new contributions to the generalTutorials. Julian Bunn et. al. (California Institute of Technology) and CERN (Geneva) have posted details of the “GIOD Project” (Globally Interconnected Object Databases). A GemStone Case Study demonstates the use of ODBMS in a high volume transactional system. The site also highlights the University of Milan’s work on “Accessing Identity Data via EJB”, and Uppsala University’s Tore Risch “Amos II” free software package (an object-oriented and functional system for querying distributed and heterogeneous data sources). Stephanie Balzer (ETH Zurich) has added a new paper on “Contracted Persistent Object Programming”.

ODBMS.ORG also welcomes six new panel members from academia and industry leaders:

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