Bretl on High Concurrency in Object Databases

ODBMS.ORG, the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology, welcomes three new expert panel members from academia and industry leaders:

GemStone’s Bob Bretl has contributed an expert paper to explore the various techniques that can be used in object oriented databases to achieve high concurrency. Object databases are very good at storing the complex data model, but it is generally up to the application developer to figure out how to scale the application so that it runs efficiently with many concurrent users. This free whitepaper provides guidance and solutions for this challenge.

The University Community is Expanding

ODBMS.ORG is soliciting lecture notes from universities all around the globe to be shared with the community. Contributions like the (German) lecture notes on ODBMSs by Holger Märtens from Fachhochschule Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel provide faculty and students with the ability to easily incorporate object database technology into their curriculum.

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