Exclusive: Vinton Cerf and Philippe Kahn on Innovation

ODBMS.ORG, the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology, has launched an interview series labelled “10 Questions on Innovation” to put object databases into the greater context of innovation. Roberto Zicari, the portal’s editor, wants to help people understand, how inovation occurs and thus facilitate the adoption of major innovations such as object database technology.

Upon launch, two luminaries have contributed to this series:

In his exclusive interview with ODBMS.ORG, Vinton G. Cerf describes what he considers the top 3 criteria for successful innovation: “A.) Don’t be afraid to re-visit old ideas – times, technology, tastes, economics change and may make an unworkable idea into a winner.” B) “Listen to experts but don’t be constrained by them”, and “C) Perseverence counts.”

Philippe Kahn has founded four successful companies and can be considered to be one of the most reliable advocate for innovation of our times. He calls the rewards for being an innovator “immeasurable, priceless.” He explains: “You get to do what no other has done, it’s like being the first person to climb Everest, every time.”

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