Versant Sponsors and Supports ODBMS.ORG

Versant contributes to the most up-to-date education and research portal on object database technology

Fremont, Calif. / USA – January 9, 2007 – Versant Corporation (NASDAQ: VSNT), an industry leader in specialized data management software, today announced that it has become a sponsor at ODBMS.ORG, a non-profit group which publishes the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology.

In addition to the sponsorship, Versant supports ODBMS.ORG through contributions of free educational and research information specifically designed for developers working with object-oriented technologies both in Java and C++. Robert Greene, Versant’s Vice President of Product Strategy, has been appointed as an expert on ODBMS.ORG’s panel of contributors.

“We are delighted that Robert has joined the panel of experts and that Versant has become a sponsor at ODBMS.ORG”, said Prof. Roberto Zicari, Chief Editor of ODBMS.ORG. “With their long-term experience, particularly in enterprise-grade applications with large and complex data sets, Versant’s technical experts can certainly provide valuable contributions to the portal. As more experts embrace the portal, the available resources will become more multifaceted.”

“Providing such a wide variety of information on object-oriented data management systems, the ODBMS.ORG portal is a valuable resource for all developers”, said Jochen Witte, CEO at Versant. “Organizations seeking to unleash the full power of object-orientation will find much of the information required at this portal. As a leading provider of object database technology for enterprise applications, Versant certainly supports this effort.”
About Versant
Versant Corporation (NASDAQ: VSNT) is an industry leader in specialized data management software, which helps companies to handle complex information in environments that have high performance and high availability requirements. Using the Versant Object Database, customers cut hardware costs, speed and simplify development, significantly reduce administration costs, and deliver products with a strong competitive edge. Versant’s solution is deployed in a wide array of industries including telecommunications, financial services, technology, transportation, manufacturing, and defense. With over 50,000 installations, Versant has been a highly reliable partner for over 15 years for Global 2000 companies such as Ericsson, Verizon, Sagem, U.S. Government, and Financial Times. For more information, call 510-789-1500 or visit
ODBMS.ORG ( is a vendor-independent, not-for-profit educational program on object database technology and the integration between object-oriented programming and databases. Designed by Prof. Roberto Zicari of Frankfurt University, the program’s goal is to promote and further the use of object databases – by offering free resources for students, faculty and researchers at universities and research centers, as well as for JAVA and .NET developers in the commercial and the open source world. Content is provided by a panel of internationally recognized experts, who share research articles and teaching materials with the community via the organization’s Web portal.
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