Panel Discussion “A New Renaissance for ODBMSs?” Published. Interview to Vinton G. Cerf.

August 3, 2009 — ODBMS.ORG, a vendor-independent non-profit group of high-profile software experts lead by Prof. Roberto Zicari, has exclusively published the panel discussion “A New Renaissance for ODBMSs?”.

Roberto Zicari have interviewed the following group of leading object database vendors and experts on their views on the current status and future of object database systems:

The questions at a glance:

Q1. Could you estimate the current market for ODBMS, how is it changing (size, geography, licenses, dollars, etc.), and whether/where the market is growing?
Q2. Who is using an ODBMS? For what business domains and applications are ODBMSs being practically used? Could you please give examples of typical applications that use an ODBMS? Also please indicate whether/where ODBMS applications domains are changing.
Q3. What are the most innovative features (if any) added/ or improved to/for ODBMS in the last years? And why are they useful?
Q4. Scalability, Performance, Support of OO languages, Impedance Mismatch: can you please describe briefly how in your opinion ODBMSs differ (compete) with respect to other databases, such as relational, and O-R mappers?
Q5. Standards: Why have standardization activities for ODBMSs not progressed??
Q6. Open source: Some Open Source databases that have been successful in their respective domains, have been recently sold. For example MySQL sold to SUN and then to Oracle, and db4objects sold to Versant. Both Oracle and Versant do have proprietary products. Is Open Source a viable business model option for a database?

The complete panel transcript is also available for free download (PDF).

ODBMS.ORG has also published on its portal:
– a complete new updated version (2008/2009) of the ETH Zurich ODBMS Lecture Series on ODBMS.ORG (PDF)., the most up-to-date and comprehensive lecture series on object databases, developed by the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.
several new odbms tutorials (PDF).,
 links to free odbms software.

Interview to Vinton G. Cerf.

ODBMS Industry Watch Blog by Prof. Roberto Zicari (editor of ODBMS.ORG) announced an exclusive interview with Vinton G. Cerf. Vinton G. Cerf is vice president and chief Internet evangelist for Google, and widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet”. Marco Dettweiler and Roberto V. Zicari have interviewed Vinton G. Cerf on a broad number of issues involving the Web, such as IPv6 and IPv4 protocols, copyright, illegal contents, and the next evolution/revolution for the Web.

The full text of the interview is available at the ODBMS Industry Watch Blog.

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