Category: Object Databases – Free Software

OO7J benchmark

Pieter van Zyl and Espresso Research Group. OO7J is a Java version of the original OO7 benchmark (written in C++) from Mike Carey, David DeWitt and Jeff Naughton = Univ Wisconsin-Madison. The original benchmark...

eXTreme Java framework

Intersystems Download Caché eXTreme for Java (Registration required): provides an API to store and retrieve structured data over JDBC (JDBC over JNI), unstructured data and Java Objects. LINK.


Peter Baumann, Jacobs University An open-source array DBMS with an OQL-style query language and ODMG-conformant C++ and Java APIs for retrieving and manipulating multi-dimensional arrays (rasters) of unlimited size. LINK

Perst. Open Source, Object-Oriented Embedded Database

Perst Open Source, Object-Oriented Embedded Database Complete Perst software package, with source code. Includes both Perst for Java (including Perst Lite for Java ME) and Perst for .NET, as well as links to the...