STI-BT: A Scalable Transactional Index

STI-BT: A Scalable Transactional Index
Nuno Diegues INESC-ID/IST
Paolo Romano INESC-ID/IST
Technical Report RT/24/2013 September 2013

In this article we present STI-BT, a highly scalable, transactional index for Distributed Key-Value (DKV) stores. STI-BT is organized as a distributed B+Tree and adopts an innovative design that allows to achieve high efficiency in large-scale, elastic DKV stores. We have implemented STI-BT on top of a mainstream open-source DKV store and deployed it on a public cloud infra-structure. Our extensive experimental study reveals the efficiency of our solution with demonstrable scalability in a cluster of 100 commodity machines, and speed ups with respect to state of the art solutions of up to 5.4x.

Keywords: Data locality, Distribution, B+Tree, Strong consistency


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