Dr. Pratyusa K. Manadhata, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Pratyusa K. Manadhata
Dr. Pratyusa K. Manadhata is a researcher at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. He is interested in all aspects of security and privacy, with a current focus on big data analytics for security. He works on algorithms and systems for efficiently analyzing very large enterprise data sets to identify actionable security information. Before joining HP Labs, he was at Symantec Research Labs working on very large scale machine learning and statistical analysis techniques for malware detection and data leakage prevention. His research results have impacted multiple security products used by millions of people around the world. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and his B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur, India.

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