Todd Walter, Teradata Corporation

Todd Walter
Chief Technologist – Americas
Teradata Corporation

Todd Walter is the Chief Technologist for Teradata across the Americas region. With substantive expertise in big data, database engineering and systems architecture, he works closely with Teradata customers, colleagues, and alliance partners to evaluate and prioritize initiatives — and implement data strategy and analytics. As a pragmatic visionary, Walter helps customer business analysts as well as technologists better understand all of the astonishing possibilities of big data and analytics in view of emerging as well as existing capabilities of information infrastructures.

Walter is also a sought-after speaker and educator on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture, including topics across the spectrum of all Teradata products. His inside view of Teradata’s powerful database software, hardware, Aster, Unity, QueryGrid, Viewpoint – help clients and audiences better understand the virtually limitless technological and business opportunities that can be realized using Teradata’s most advanced intelligence platforms, solutions and utilities.

Walter joined Teradata in 1987, contributing significantly to Teradata’s unique design features and functionality, managing engineering teams to advance product/platform leadership. Todd works with organizations of all sizes and levels of experience, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies at the leading edge in adopting big data, data warehouse and analytics technologies.

He holds a number of Teradata patents and in 1998 was named a Teradata Fellow, the highest technical award granted by the company. Todd served for more than ten years as Chief Technical Officer of Teradata Research and Development, responsible for vision, strategy and technical leadership of the Teradata product line. Today, as Chief Technologist for the Americas region, he provides consulting services to customers and educates colleagues across industries to enhance business results from big data, analytic discovery and data warehouse technologies.

Todd earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Montana State University in 1980.

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