Ranjan Sinha, eBay Inc.

Ranjan Sinha is a lead scientist at eBay Inc., where he led projects in recommendation and personalization that has significantly enhanced consumers’ shopping experiences. He has led the development of predictive models and solutions utilizing both state-of-the-art offline platforms and high throughput event-driven real-time platforms in order to serve use-cases across eBay marketplaces.

Previously, Ranjan was a research academic at the University of Melbourne and holds a PHD in computer science from RMIT University, Australia. He has published nearly 30 refereed works, including in top-tier venues such as IEEE Big Data, J. VLDB, ACM SIGMOD, and J. Bioinformatics. He has developed novel algorithms for scalable sorting of strings, string management, pattern searching, repeat analysis of genome sequences, short-read error correction, assembly of short-reads of high-throughput genome sequences, and clustering of near-duplicate images.

Ranjan won the sort benchmarks for both JouleSort and PennySort in 2009. He was also amongst the Asian Wall Street Journal’s top Asia-Pacific young inventors and appeared in a center-page article on cutting-edge crusaders.

Ranjan has mentored and supervised interns/colleagues in industry and honors/PhD students in academia. He has taught several courses in computer science, consulted for industry, and reviewed papers for journals/conferences.
He has given talks in external forums on data science and big data technologies and recently presented a half-day tutorial on “E-commerce Personalization at Scale” at the ACM CIKM conference. He is a co-organizer of the popular bay area search meetup with over 1600 members.

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