Prof. Charlotta Johnsson, Lund University

Dr. Charlotta Johnsson is an Associate Professor in Automatic Control and the Director of the Technology Management master program at Lund University, Sweden.
Charlotta Johnsson has over 15 years of experience in research and industrial practice in integration, interoperability, industrial IT, operations management, and cross-disciplinary problem solving.
She also has an interest in teaching and learning Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Charlotta has multiple international experiences through her extended stays at e.g. Zhejiang University, China and UC Berkeley, CA, USA. She is also an active member of several international standarization committees such as ISA95, IEC 62264 and ISO 22400. For about 5 years she worked in industry as a system architect and product manager for Batch and MES/MOM systems, and is since active as an independent consultant on those topics. Dr. Charlotta Johnsson holds a Ph.D in Automatic Control from Lund University, Sweden.

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