Tilmann Bruckhaus, Intuit

Tilmann Bruckhaus, Sr. Manager, Data Engineering and Analytics at Intuit.

Tilmann is a hands-on big data engineering leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about using his technical skills to build great products and agile teams.

As leader of data engineering organizations in disruptive environments Tilmann led recruiting new and scaling existing engineering teams, and he created data platforms for machine learning, advanced analytics, and reporting. Tilmann minimized fraud losses on billion dollar payment volumes and created reliable and efficient systems for ingesting billions of financial transactions. Tilmann also created data marts for tens of millions of customers and brought new data product lines to market.

As an industry thought leader, Tilmann was a program committee member at the KDD in 2015, 2014 and 2013, and chaired the track on Security and Privacy in Industry and Government. He has published 3 book chapters on predictive analytics topics and authored 10 US patents with 7 of them issued. Tilmann also published and presented over two dozen papers at leading international conferences. Tilmann’s Gaffel gem on RugyGems.org is an open source contribution that has been downloaded thousands of times. You can find more examples of his work on Github.

Tilmann has hired teams and managed engineers in several positions. Most recently, he built teams for credit risk analytics, data platform engineering, data warehousing, fraud and spam prevention, categorization and recommendations, and business analytics. Throughout Tilmann’s career, he led the development of six different data platforms for predictive analytics and business intelligence.

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