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Mike Waas, Datometry


Imagine a world where adopting new data management technology is straightforward and does not require costly and extremely disruptive migration procedures. Better still, imagine the agility and flexibility an enterprise can regain by being able to leverage exactly the technology that is best suited for what they want to accomplish. Even better, imagine the enormous cost savings that result from breaking the dreaded vendor lock-in on data technology.
Sounds too good to be true? Well, here at Datometry we’ve been busy chipping away on exactly that problem and we are pioneering the concept of “Adaptive Data Virtualization.” We started with an ambitious idea, assembled an exceptional team and got to work.

Being the architects and developers of core components of several highly successful data products in the market today, we are well aware of what we’re getting ourselves into—after all, it was that very experience that made us realize just how big a problem database migrations are for the industry and how much the capability to innovate suffers from vendor lock-in.

Datometry makes databases interchangeable without having to modify the applications that sit on top of the database. Simply provision the new kind of database that your business needs and Datometry makes sure it speaks the language of your existing applications. No reconfiguration, no recompiling, no re-writing needed. That’s Adaptive Data Virtualization in  practice.

Not only does this resolve most customers’ worst headaches around an already existing data infrastructure, it also serves as  insurance that future-proofs their investments in application development and eliminates the risks typically associated with adopting new database technology.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from practitioners across the whole spectrum—from data engineers to architects, from database administrators to executives—tells us we’re on to something big. The journey of Datometry promises to be a very exciting one and its destination will have a profound impact on the whole industry.

In these pages, we will chronicle developments, shed light on the industry, and document the fun we’re having along the way. So, buckle in and enjoy the ride!

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