What’s New in Vertica 8.0.1: Geospatial Improvements

By ChanaZ

Vertica 8.0.1 is chockful of great new features, two of which expand our geospatial capabilities.

First, Vertica has improved performance when building a spatial index of polygons. Prior to 8.0.1, Vertica checked the validity of all polygons before creating or refreshing a spatial index. By eliminating the validity check, the index builds faster.

With this new feature, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you check the validity of all the polygons prior to creating or refreshing an index.  Use the ST_IsValid and STV_IsValidReason functions to test the validity of your polygons. For more information, see Ensuring Polygon Validity Before Creating or Refreshing an Index.

Second, Vertica users can now export columns that contain GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY data to another Vertica database using the EXPORT TO VERTICA statement. As in previous releases, you can also export geospatial data types to a shapefile.

Try out these new geospatial capabilities in Vertica 8.0.1. You can get the Community Edition here. 

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