Predictions for Big Data Analytics in 2016

Predictions for Big Data Analytics in 2016

5 ways big data, automation, and artificial intelligence will shape the future of business as we know it.

– By Lewis Carr, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

 Science fiction has delivered many irresistible visions of the always-distant future. A nearly ubiquitous feature of them all is the autonomous robot. Whether it’s robot servants waiting on us, robot armies trying to enslave us, or something in between, our most popular futuristic visions imbue a single machine with artificial intelligence (AI).

In reality, AI technology is neither a distant prophecy nor a discrete, robot-like machine. AI technology is taking root in the world right now—without robots or avatars—making 2016 the year fact and fiction will start to diverge.

Most notably, the year ahead will deliver many real-world applications of big data. Unlike the self-directed technologies of science fiction, the ability to analyze big data can deliver distributed machine intelligence that complements human ability—ultimately making both humans and machines more effective in addressing a wide range of social and business needs. Through incremental process change, big data analytics will shape a future in which autonomous, intelligent, connected technology will make practical sense.



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