DataStax Helps Enterprises Achieve Multi-Cloud deployments with Open-Source Apache Cassandra™

DATE: June 19, 2020


Cathleen Nelson


Apache Cassandra™ is one of the most popular NoSQL databases for its ability to handle any workload with zero downtime, zero lock-in and at global scale. At DataStax we have made it easy for users to deploy Cassandra into your cloud of choice. Through marketplace deployments you can now install production-ready open-source Cassandra directly into yourAWSAzure and GCP subscription with just a few clicks using DataStax installers and best practices. Combined with varying support options of Open-Source Cassandra through DataStax Luna enterprises can achieve faster business outcomes and ROI with the most trusted Cassandra partner in the industry.

Enterprises Are Adopting Multi-Cloud Strategies For A Variety Of Reasons

Choice  As cloud vendors continue to evolve their portfolios of product offerings, enterprises are looking to leverage the best capabilities a cloud has to offer such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and business analytics tools. The value of developing expertise on a common open-source data platform drives faster innovation, increases time to market, and offers true data portability while offering the freedom of choice across clouds.

Avoid vendor lock-in – The promise of cloud economics can only be achieved when enterprises have flexibility and agility. Many early adopters of cloud understand this, as moving data into the cloud offers a low barrier to entry.  However, data egress charges are often a topic that is not typically addressed when considering cloud strategies. As Cassandra can easily support losing a data center or a region due to its replication capabilities, enterprises can be shielded from having to re-architect applications and data off-load costs.

100% Uptime – Considering the business impact of cloud down-time, multi-cloud strategies are being considered for resiliency. Cassandra was developed to run in any cloud, across multiple clouds, to ensure 100% uptime of cloud applications. With a true “masterless” architecture where data is automatically distributed across nodes, enterprises can ensure concurrency for modern applications and infinite linear scale.

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Get It Now!

Apache Cassandra 3.11.5 by DataStax is available in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 cores. Each cluster also includes a VM that provides a complete set of development resources including code examples, docs, and data integration tools.    

Click on the link below to deploy today.
Azure Marketplace 
AWS Marketplace
GCP Marketplace

DataStax Luna Support options for open-source Cassandra:
Gold – 24×7 Support + Unlimited Tickets
Silver – 8×5 Support + 15 Support Tickets per year
Bronze – 8×5 Support + 8 Support Tickets per year

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