Peak Games Selects VoltDB For Real-time Segmentation and Personalization

Peak Games Selects VoltDB For Real-time Segmentation and Personalization

VoltDB enables mobile game developer to keep millions of users engaged through fast data analysis and decision-making capabilities.

BEDFORD, Mass. – VoltDB, the only database purpose-built for fast data applications, today announced that it has been selected by Peak Games(link is external), a leader in the mobile gaming industry, to power its real-time user segmentation services. VoltDB enables Peak Games to complete real-time stream processing with ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties, ensuring players receive the most relevant, personalized content at the right moment. By ingesting, analyzing and acting on incoming data streams in real-time, VoltDB enables applications to make smart, fully consistent decisions in milliseconds, increasing the value of each customer interaction.

Peak Games has successfully built a global user base for its community-based, multiplayer synchronous board & card games and single-player puzzle games for iOS and Android platforms. The company reaches millions of daily active users; and within its multiplayer synchronous games, it serves hundreds of thousands of concurrent players at any given time.

The engagement and user experience of this vast user base is key to the long-term success of the games. VoltDB enables Peak Games to increase engagement and user experience by providing each user customized notifications, offers and in-game content through fast analysis and segmentation of large volume of user activity data streams.

“We take many actions depending on the in-game behavior of the players to keep them engaged. We built our own omnichannel CRM platform and A/B Testing tool to take real time, personalized actions for the most sophisticated segments.” said Serdar Şahin, Head of Cloud & Big Data Services at Peak Games. “One of our biggest challenges was incorporating a real-time segmentation service. If we want to send a new offer or gift when users are leveling up, for example, it should happen as quickly as possible. In the rapidly-changing gaming environment, VoltDB enables us to perform real-time segmentation and decision-making that improves user engagement and experience.”

A comprehensive platform, VoltDB provides a low-latency, high throughput transactional in-memory database offering real-time analytics on live streams of data to help enterprises harness the power of fast data. By building fast data pipelines that combine the capabilities of an operational database, real-time analytics, stream processing and transactions in a single integrated platform, organizations can analyze and act on data in the moment to improve efficiency and drive greater customer value.

“In online gaming there is no room for slow data analysis or poor interaction. Players expect offers and gaming environments that are tailored to their experience, skill level and status during their in-game play,” said Bruce Reading, President and CEO, VoltDB. “Peak Games recognizes that data’s value, and the opportunity to connect their players, diminishes rapidly if real-time interaction is not offered. They chose VoltDB because they recognize the inherent value of fast data to provide personalized real-time interactions with players.”

To hear more from Peak Games, sign up for the August 4th webinar, Acting on Real-time Behavior: How Peak Games Won Transactions(link is external).

About VoltDB

VoltDB’s in-memory SQL database combines streaming analytics with transaction processing in a single, horizontal scale-out platform. Customers use VoltDB to build applications that process streaming data the instant it arrives to make immediate, per-event, context-aware decisions. By delivering real-time in-transaction analytics that always produce correct results, VoltDB enables businesses to capture economic value and develop new revenue opportunities in the mobile, financial services, IoT, energy, advertising, and gaming industries. VoltDB is privately held with offices in Bedford, Massachusetts, and Santa Clara, California.

About Peak Games

Founded in 2010, Peak Games is already a household name in the mobile gaming industry. Peak Games has successfully built a global user base for its community-based, multiplayer board and card games as well as innovative casual puzzle games. Current major titles include Spades Plus, Gin Rummy Plus, 101 Okey Plus and Toy Blast. Over 275 million users globally have installed at least one of its products. Backed by Earlybird Venture Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, and Endeavor Catalyst, Peak Games is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Turkey operating on a global scale.

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