Tegile and Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel support top demands in today’s data centers

Tegile and Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel support top demands in today’s data centers

Here at Tegile we place a premium on our customer’s business requirements. We strive to meet — and exceed — expectations for performance and capacity. In fact, Tegile solutions enable our customers to meet the rigorous demands of today’s data centers.

Recently via surveys, interaction and market analysis we learned a lot from customers about their needs. For instance, we learned that applications that run continuously are the driving force behind data center modernization.

Top Demands in Today’s Data Centers

  • Need for new and improved ways to create business value from collected data.
  • Need to optimize real-time analytics with faster access to powerful database systems, and increasingly rapid transaction performance (OLTP).
  • Need to deliver services faster.
  • Need for predictive real-time analytics.

To find out what else we learned see the box to the right of top demands in today’s data centers.

Not only do Tegile systems meet top demands, but once Tegile solutions are in place, we enable predictive real-time analytics, queries and requests to be processed immediately, instead of by batch, which enables queries to run throughout the day and night. In fact, real-time analytics seem to have a 24/7 appetite for storage. These applications that run continuously are the driving force behind data center modernization efforts.

Storage to serve today’s needs – and tomorrow’s

At Tegile, we’ve worked diligently to ensure that our storage solutions serve today’s data centers. Our desire to solve leading-edge needs for performance and capacity is why we are proud to partner with Brocade on its next-generation storage networking technology.

An Industry first from Brocade: Gen 6 Fibre Channel X6

Brocade announced the industry’s first Gen 6 Fibre Channel X6 Directors for mission-critical storage connectivity that is optimized for high performance, reliability, security and scalability.

The new Brocade X6 Director is part of a portfolio of Brocade Gen 6 products. Combined with Brocade Fabric Vision technology, the X6 Director enables companies to drive always-on business operations, eliminate performance bottlenecks and adapt to the requirements of digital organizations.

Server and desktop virtualization, analytics, and online transaction processing (OLTP) are all sensitive to IO bottlenecks and latency. Eliminating bottlenecks with Gen 6 Fibre Channel opens up a new world to accelerate mission-critical applications with Tegile arrays that deliver the high IOPS and low latency that dramatically improve performance.

See the features of Gen 6 Fibre Channel X6 that allow us to serve performance and capacity needs of today’s data center.

Features of Gen 6 Fibre Channel X6

Brocade X6 Director Family

This industry-first family of Gen 6 Fibre Channel Director delivers breakthrough application performance, proven data-center reliability and increased business agility to accelerate data access, adapt to evolving requirements and drive always-on business operations.

Brocade X6 Directors provide up to 384 32 GBps line rate ports and up to 32 128 GBps UltraScale™ ICL connectivity ports to deliver a total system bandwidth of 16 TBps. Their lightening-fast performance of 32 GBps accelerates application response time by up to 71 percent over previous solutions, eliminates IO bottlenecks and unleashes the full performance of flash and next-generation NVMe-based storage.

Brocade SX6 Extension Blade

The Brocade SX6 extension blade for Fibre Channel, FICON and IP storage replication moves more data over distance faster and enhances security without compromising performance. With up to 80 GBps application throughput per platform and line-rate encryption, the Brocade SX6 is designed for the most demanding environments.

To handle the unrelenting growth of data traffic between data centers, this purpose-built solution delivers business resilience at scale with 32 GBps Fibre Channel and 1/10 GBE IP storage replication over 1/10/40 GBE IP WAN connections.

Brocade Fabric Vision Technology with IO Insight

Fabric Vision technology overcomes the traditional limitations of network monitoring by introducing IO Insight, the industry’s only integrated network sensor that provides deeper visibility into the IO performance of storage infrastructure.

This enhanced visibility enables quick identification of degraded application performance at host and storage tiers, which reduces time to resolution. IO Insight proactively monitors IO performance and behavior to gain unparalleled insight into potential issues and help maintain service levels.

Brocade Fabric Vision Technology with VM Insight

Fabric Vison technology will include VM Insight for unparalleled end-to-end visibility into the storage performance of individual VMs. This feature optimizes VM performance and availability in a virtualized data center. VM Insight uses standards-based VM tagging to enable monitoring of VM-level application performance issues in a Gen 6 Fibre Channel SAN.

With this information, storage administrators can establish baseline application performance and identify anomalies in order to fine tune the infrastructure to meet service-level agreements. VM Insight also enables quick correlation with other Fabric Vision metrics to identify the root cause of problems before operations are affected.

Get performance from the future now

Integrated into the Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel platform is the next generation of Brocade Fabric Vision Technology with IO Insight. IO Insight enables quick identification of degraded application performance at host and flash storage tiers, which reduces time to resolution. Proactive, non-disruptive IO monitoring enables monitoring of application flows and device-level IO insight. In addition, Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel platforms will include the ability to gain deep visibility into individual VMs end-to-end with Brocade’s VM Insight, which for the first time enables users to provision intelligently, and to measure and analyze the IO profile across the fabric. Brocade VM Insight will be available in 2017.

The Brocade Gen 6 platform with next generation of Fabric Vision features will help Tegile accelerate our customers’ consolidated and virtualized enterprise applications with unmatched performance, low latency and economics. With the combination of Tegile storage solutions and Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel, we are setting a new bar for IT modernization across the storage industry.

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