McObject Accelerates eXtremeDB Cluster DBMS Performance With Mellanox VMA

McObject Accelerates eXtremeDB Cluster DBMS Performance With Mellanox VMA

June 20, 2016 — McObject®, developer of the eXtremeDB® Cluster distributed database management system (DBMS), and Mellanox, a leading supplier of end-to-end Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect solutions and services, announced benchmark test results documenting a more than tripling of throughput for eXtremeDB Cluster resulting from the integration of Mellanox’s VMA Messaging Accelerator Software as part of the interconnect between nodes.

Results ranged from a 3.57x increase in transactions-per-second lent by VMA Messaging Accelerator over “plain vanilla” Ethernet in a single-threaded eXtremeDB Cluster configuration, to improvement of 2.11x with eight parallel execution threads. The tests used the Cluster Demo application included with McObject’s database system, configured with two cluster nodes connected via Mellanox’s ConnectX-3 Pro 40Gb Ethernet adapter.

Viewed another way, the tests documented VMA Messaging Accelerator reducing DBMS latency (time between the start and conclusion of transactions) by almost 72% in the single-threaded configuration, and by more than 50% with eight threads.

Businesses adopt clustering DBMSs – which spread database processing across multiple hardware nodes – to increase throughput and scalability, and reduce system expansion costs (via the addition of inexpensive, i.e. “commodity,” servers). eXtremeDB Cluster delivers additional cost-effectiveness with lower up-front licensing costs, and by minimizing deployment and operational complexity. In addition to native language (C/C++, Python, Java, C#) interfaces, eXtremeDB Cluster offers industry-standard SQL and ODBC APIs that enable a wide range of ODBC-compatible applications to take advantage of the combined Mellanox VMA/eXtremeDB Cluster solution’s higher performance at a lower cost.

“Diverse applications ranging from telecom/networking equipment to financial markets and Web services/hosted solutions rely on eXtremeDB Cluster to maximize speed and scalability via distributed architectures. The new benchmark data with eXtremeDB Cluster and Mellanox VMA Messaging Accelerator demonstrates a ripe opportunity for optimization in such systems, with exciting potential for our users,” said Chris Mureen, McObject’s chief operating officer.

“Mellanox VMA, in conjunction with the ConnectX family of adapters, provides lower latency than any other Ethernet adapter using TCP/IP for applications like high frequency trading, databases and in-memory caching,” said Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “With VMA acceleration, eXtremeDB Cluster can unlock performance for low-latency data distribution or high packet rates in DBMS-based applications. This results in faster execution, lower response time and higher return on investment.”

Mellanox VMA, an open-source software product, provides a unified acceleration platform for all applications using standard network protocols such as TCP and UDP, improving application-to-application performance and latency. VMA leverages advanced capabilities of the ConnectX series of adapters by offloading sophisticated network processing tasks – which would otherwise consume expensive (in performance terms) CPU resources – to intelligent network adapters. This, in turn, unlocks the performance of compute and storage infrastructure and improves efficiency in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Multi-sensor data acquisition processing
  • Market data consumption & distribution
  • High frequency trading and real-time risk management
  • Online content delivery and web applications

About McObject

Founded by embedded database and real-time systems experts, McObject offers proven data management technology used across a wide range of industries and market segments. McObject counts among its customers industry leaders such as BAE Systems, TradeStation, Siemens, Philips, EADS, JVC, Pentair, F5 Networks, CA, Motorola and Boeing. McObject, based in Federal Way, WA, is committed to providing innovative technology and first-rate services to customers and partners. The company can be reached at +1-425-888-8505, or visit

About Mellanox

Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. Mellanox interconnect solutions increase data center efficiency by providing the highest throughput and lowest latency, delivering data faster to applications and unlocking system performance capability. Mellanox offers a choice of fast interconnect products: adapters, switches, software, cables and silicon that accelerate application runtime and maximize business results for a wide range of markets including high-performance computing, enterprise data centers, Web 2.0, cloud, storage and financial services. More information is available at

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