Unlock machine learning for the new speed and scale of business

In-database machine learning with HPE Vertica Analytics Platform

HPE Vertica Business white paper.

Table of contents
– Machine learning: A competitive advantage
– What is machine learning, and why is it important?
– Purpose of this white paper
– Types of machine learning
– Barriers to applying machine learning at scale
– HPE Vertica Analytics Platform delivers predictive analytics at speed and scale
– Implementing machine learning with the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform
– In-database machine learning
– User-defined extensions (UDxs)
– HPE Vertica Analytics Platform in-database machine learning functions
– K-means clustering
– Logistic regression
– Linear regression
– Naïve Bayes
– Data preparation and normalization
– Real-world implementation of Vertica’s in-database machine learning features 12 Use cases for machine learning across different industries
– Summary


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