Pfizer Mitigates Risk & Reduces Costs with Attunity Visibility


Pfizer applies science and global resources to bring therapies to people that extend and significantly improve their lives. They strive to set the standard for quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacture of health care products. Pfizer’s global portfolio includes medicines, vaccines and many of the world’s best-known consumer health care products.

The Challenge

The Human Resource division of Pfizer has a massive data warehouse that averages over one million queries per day from more than 3,000 users. The staff managing this vast and growing volume of information was experiencing critical issues with their data warehouse. Their most significant concerns included mitigation of regulatory and audit risks and decrease costs. They also needed to reduce extract, transform and load (ETL) times to meet service-level agreements. However, they did not have visibility into their environment and lacked the data needed to address these issues.

The Solution

Pfizer selected Attunity Visibility to provide both BI and data warehouse business activity and data usage analytics to reduce costs, improve SLA’s and ensure trusted usage of information. Attunity Visibility quickly delivered correlated, granular insight into user activity, application data and database information—all without any disruption of production warehouse systems.

Now, Pfizer can capture and correlate usage-analysis over time. This data is easily shared between all Pfizer BI and data warehouse constituents. As a result, Pfizer was able to gather important knowledge about their environment and quickly realize returns on their Attunity Visibility investment:

» Insight on which data was most frequently used/not used led to a 50% reduction of HR data warehouse storage and annual savings of nearly $400K/year

» User activity details led to a 10x decrease in User IDs from 3000 to 300

» Details on data usage activity made way for changes that reduced ETL load times by 75% and saved nearly $80K/year.

The insights that Pfizer gained from Attunity Visibility also led to improvements that better supported compliance with industry regulations and reduced their audit risks.

Based on actual data usage activity within the data warehouse, and the reduction of ETL load times, Pfizer estimates a savings of nearly $400,000 per year.

Key Capabilities

Attunity Visibility provides intelligence to identify the most expensive processing, transformations and dormant data – all ideal candidates for Hadoop and in-depth details on how data is used and who is accessing it – which provides insight into ways to improve performance.

Key Features

  • »  Monitorsallapplicationactivityon databases to assess resource consuming ETL (Extract/Transform/ Load) and analytical workloads
  • »  IdentifiesresourcesconsumingETL transformations that are candidates for offloading
  • »  Discovershistoryofdatausedfrom large tables by analyzing calendar dates used in queries
  • »  Analyzesapplicationactivityanddata usage by business units to chargeback and justify investments
  • »  IntegrateswithleadingBusiness Intelligence (BI) applications to correlate application users and report activity with usage

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