Global Biobank Engine

Dr. Manuel Rivas at the Stanford Medical School Department of Biomedical Data Science has launched a web-based engine for exploring association results for large-scale genotype-phenotype association studies starting with the data from the UK Biobank and then adding other public data sets​.

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Genetic Assocation Results

Note: This engine presents case-control association results from the UK Biobank hospital in-patient health-related outcomes summary information data (Data-Field 41202); computational grouping of phenotypes with cancer (Category 100092) registry, death registry data (Category 100093), algorithmically-defined outcomes (Category 42), and verbal questionnaire data (Category 100071); and manually curated grouping of phenotypes.


Recent News

June 7, 2017 – Public release of Global Biobank Engine!

April 1, 2017 – Internal release of GBE

Terms of use

We encourage use of the initial browser but note that case-control results are provided as general guides and specific results may not have yet been subjected to the data quality, statistical and population genetics review that would normally be required for publication or clinical inference.


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