MariaDB AX is modern analytics and data warehousing for everything from business intelligence and reporting to predictive analytics made easy – and is accessible to everyone who needs to get from data to insight faster.

MariaDB AX is an enterprise open source solution for scalable, high-performance analytics and faster time-to-insight, simplifying the process of ingesting and analyzing data – at any scale, and without the need for complex, time-consuming batch processes, schemas and indexes optimized for a small number of predefined queries or expensive, proprietary appliances.

Core components MariaDB Server:

A modern, general-purpose database engineered for performance, reliability, security and extensibility with a modular architecture. MariaDB ColumnStore: A specialized storage engine for scalable, high-performance analytics without the need for complex schemas and indexes – distributed, columnar storage with parallel query processing. Bulk data adapters: C++, Java and Python libraries for enabling developers and data scientists to collect and write data to storage on demand, bypassing the SQL interface for higher throughput. Streaming data adapters: Apache Kafka* and MariaDB MaxScale services for importing data from MariaDB TX or Apache Kafka in near real time – automatically, transparently and continuously

DOWNLOAD DATASHEET (:PDF): mariadb_ax_datasheet_112017

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